Guidance of Winds

A Call to Action

Greetings my fellow adventurers. The forces of Destruction have no shame in devestating my homelands and motivates me even further to unlease the Winds of Magic. I’m short for speech at this time, as I’ve only paused for cleansing and rest in the Cliffs of Ushuru. The journey to my present locale brought sad news that I must relay back home in Eataine.

Lyrianna’s Mansion lay in ruins, swarming with the forces of Destruction. My father, a poet and winemaker of the Eataine region, sent word through me inquiring of Lyrianna. The driftwood her house provided to him gave his wines a robust bitterness much sought after throughout Ulthuan. The meat of the matter is that I must continue on in my career trainings. To do otherwise would allow the forces of Destruction to gain a foothold.

To know where I’m going, fellow adventurers, one must know where I’ve been and the motivations that bring me into your fellowship. I was born of Ulthuan citizens who lived in the Eataine. My father was a poet and winemaker of modest renown and my mother was a groundskeeper tasked with maintaining the livery stables that housed our finest steeds.

I know they are proud of me and I’m sure they will inquire of my decision to join forces with other like minded peoples. They have always proved to be encouraging parents; nurturing my aspirations of becoming a member of the Maidens Guard. However, with the Everqueen in hiding from the forces of House Uthorin, I find myself with a new direction, shaped by desire, inquiry and hope.

It was with the decree of Finubar, Phoenix King of Ulthuan, sent to Prince Tyrion to bring the light of hope to all corners of Ulthuan in these dark times that called forth to me.

I admit I lived a sheltered life in Eataine. My days were spent writing poetry and researching my Elven heritage. I was blind to the ever encroaching forces of Destruction that have truly engulfed Ulthuan and the far lying lands of our brothers and sisters of the Empire and Dwarves.

I’ve been diligent in trainings. My parent’s nurturing and support have prepared me for the task ahead. As the forces of Destruction bring forth their plague, I will be ready.

My mastery of High Magic increases. I pledge to become that light of hope to all who hear the call to WAR! The Light of Isha that glows from my circlet will comfort those around me.

Until such time as I can send my next correspondance, please accept this letter of introduction.

May the winds of Hysh and Ghyran guard you all.



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