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Caduin Goldbough sat bolt upright in bed. The nagging tug that he’d been feeling at the edge of his consciousness these past few days had finally grown too strong to ignore. In his sleep, the Archmage’s subconscious mind had noticed the tear in the Weave that his conscious mind had been too distracted to notice.

Was this the work of the Dark Elves, or something else? It seemed entirely too coincidental that such a potentially disastrous change could occur in concert with a major enemy offensive. Malekith and his filthy kin had to be behind it somehow.

The questions swirled around in his mind like leaves on the wind, and it took moments before Goldbough thought he had an answer. Something was definitely happening, and it was affecting the very fabric of magic on Ulthuan….....

Waking with a startle, Astorik wondered what the message could mean. The vast undiscovered knowledge seeps from the lands, enveloped in aura. She had witnessed this several times, but the glimpse was fleeting.

She had heard whispers of the Serpent, even seen hastily scrawled descriptions but what of this dream-vision shared while her defenses were down? Had Cadiun contacted her to guide her into allowing others into the realm of High Elves? She hardly expected her brethern in arms to comprehend the complexities of Elven mind-scaping. How could she explain through sheer will her kind can enter into the weaker minds of others? She would simply guide others as she, herself was guided.

Her mind made up, she decides to courier a petition to her fellow Harbingers. To travel the lands in search of undiscovered knowledge; Documenting and cataloging their finds. It will be up to those interested in discovering this knowledge to embark on winds laid before them.

Main Page

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